Rick has built my last 2 homes.. Loved them both. Excellent job! He will definitely build our next/last home!

We are enjoying our new comfortable home and feel confident with the knowledge of how the home was built through Rick’s leadership.  

Thanks for patience for those that do not speak “contractor”.

I just wanted to express how satisfied my wife and I are with the house that you help build for us. Every detail is exactly what we were expecting and the quality of work is outstanding. I love to “show off” our home!! Your work ethic and attention to detail are definitely what other prospective home buyers/builders are looking for, and if anyone needs to ask me for a reference, I’d be glad to refer you to them. Also of note, is the stellar assistance you provided to us with any issues after the sale, which were very minor and normal in nature.

Again, thanks so much for making our dream home become a reality!!


Rick built our first home!! We moved in a little over a month ago and couldn’t be any happier with our new home!! Rick made sure everything was done right and made sure we got what we wanted! I get so many compliments.. If you want a good built home EPIC HOMES LLC is the way to go! He told us 120 days it was done less than that

Thanks Rick for a job well done! I know our lil family is loving our home!!

Rick built my home in Tradition 5 years ago. I can tell you that he is as OCD as I am about quality and details and my home is amazing! Congratulations on your new company, Rick, and I sincerely recommend Epic Homes to anyone looking to build or remodel!


Reposting because Rick McMurtry is still my hero. My home is 12 years old now, and as I have watched neighbors with younger homes suffer major repairs- mine has been sturdy, reliable, and timeless. No doubt if I build again- Epic Homes is my first choice.

Y’all. I can’t say enough about Rick McMurtry. He built my home in 2010 and has been there for me every step of the way… even provided me with lost paint color sheets when I couldn’t find mine six years later 😂. My home has been problem free and the construction and building process were so easy. His prices are untouchable too. If you are in the market for a new construction… please call Rick McMurtry at Epic Homes!