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New Cost Plus Program

Ask us about our New Cost Plus program and let’s get started building you and Epic Home

Epic Homes

Interest rates are low, Time to build

As you know that home mortgage rates continue to stay low, you can get more house for less money. Call and let’s talk about the advantages you should take advantage of doing 228-217-6144

Epic Homes does Cottages

We have some Cottage plans that we have built and everyone loves them.. Call us to talk about where you want yours built.

You deserve an Epic Home !

Spring is in the air….

Everyone is already starting to get excited about having a new home before summer and now is the time to get it started. The weather is unpredictable as you well know but it’s better to in queue waiting that late to be in line.

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Prices are great as housing starts continue to rise

Housing starts continue to rise as the need for affordable housing is needed. Industry experts predict that a sellers market is the cause for rise in housing starts. It is an excellent time to start building a new Epic Home for your family on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Anyone can build you a house, only I can build you an Epic Home !
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